👋 Hi there, and welcome to my personal space of things I consider worth sharing.

Purpose of this website is to serve as a simple publishing platform for my thoughts of what might be described as my professional life and other areas of expertise. However, things tend to escalate and in that case please just bear with my rantings.

I'm your average 1st gen. millennial nerd (born -82) who ended up professionally somewhere in between tech, business dev, consulting, and digital marketing. My first business card had Web Developer printed on it and the current one has Strategy Director. Currently I work for a company called Crasman. I live in Finland with my wife and three daughters.

I consider myself to be a multipotentialite and a generalist. My interests reach from technical topics such as web development, machine learning and data privacy to philology, various music niches, outdoor life, history, and writing. I'll choose a Finnish forest over most other things to do or be.

Feel free to connect me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter. If you feel like stalking my reading habits please do so on Goodreads.